Sunday, July 24, 2011

Responsibilities of an Investigator at the Mortuary

• The clothing of the victim (deceased) has to be described in detail and photographs have to be taken of each of the pieces of clothing.
• Other items found on the body (wallet, cell phone, etc.) along with the deceased’s clothing has to seized and given to the exhibit officer.
• The deceased’s blood must be drawn and in accordance to the exhibit officer’s prescribed manner be dispatched to the Laboratory.
• Under the supervision of the pathologist, photographs must be taken of the deceased’s body.
• If a body is unidentifiable, fingerprints must be taken from the body.
• Statements or particulars must be taken from ambulance drivers and of the drivers of the mortuary vans.
• Relatives must be taken to the mortuary to identify the deceased.
• In case there are many bodies, a video must be made and shown to relatives in groups in order to save time.

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