Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fraud at 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup

Fraud and corruption can only affect the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup negatively. A huge loss in money and assets can cause an increase of taxes on tourists and citizens of South Africa to make up for the losses. Tourists can also be victims of fraud if they are caught by scammers of organised crime, for example: credit card fraud or airline ticket fraud.

The corruptness of Metro Police officers are also creating a negative reputation of South African Law enforcement, and these officers are seen as incompetent, which may not be up to international standards. If corruption flairs during the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup, International News stations like CNN and BBC will focus on the negative aspects of South Africa, instead of the positive aspects like cultural diversity, fauna and flora, and the history of South Africa.

Setting standards high and creating effective controls to prevent fraud and corruption may lower crime. If, for instance, the Metro Police were trained better, and given a higher salary, officers may not feel the need to ask for bribes. Creating a task team to deal with corrupt officers may also be an effective method of curing the incompetent service that the Metro Police is providing.

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