Monday, October 25, 2010

Four Common Reactions to Fraud

Good: Some fraudsters may feel good because they think they have beaten the organisation’s system and got away with it.

Indifferent: Some fraudsters will have an indifferent feeling, those who have a indifferent feeling are not likely to talk about their feats or brag to anyone, they will also show no behaviour peculiarities.

Guilty: Some fraudsters will have feelings of guilt. Conscientious employees, particularly those with strong and stable family backgrounds, those who have strong religious convictions. These employees are more likely not to talk to anyone about their deed. This will increase their stress levels, which will manifest in changing behaviour patterns.

Fear: Those who fear discovery will not brag about their exploits. They will not display constant or regular behaviour peculiarities, but they will react strongly to specific circumstances, especially when they think that they are on the verge of being discovered.

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