Monday, October 25, 2010

Important Considerations for the Well Written Report

• Do not clutter your presentation because this will make the audience lose focus on what is important. Cluttering confuses the audience and promotes them to miss the point of the presentation. Keep the presentation as tidy as possible and split up the presentation in more groups to avoid confusions and make it easy readable.

• Use 1.5 spacing to make the presentation easy readable and trim. Using the spacing will make the audience read the report faster and follow the text comfortably.

• Avoid technical jargon to assure that everyone will understand the report. Not everyone will understand your terminology or slang and this barbarous or debased language might give the wrong impression and cause a misunderstanding.

• Avoid too many “big” words for this makes the report difficult to read or to understand. This causes a loss of time because the reader will have to look the words up. This can also cause a misunderstanding because the word may have more than one meaning in different aspects than the reader is familiar with.

• Visual aids make a report more attractive and exciting to read. A visual aid helps to express the image that you want to create with the data. This can also enhance or clarify the explanation of the report.

• Use colours where possible to highlight certain facts that you wish to be noted as important. Colours make a report more interesting and helpful for browsing headings or specific data.

• Charts are more effective than a wordy description for it leads to an easy understandable visual representation of the data. Charts help to analyse and interpret data and to provide an effective dynamic way to show patterns which you can compare or come to certain conclusions.

• Cross reference facts to source to facilitate reading and checking. This professionalizes your report and the reader will see that you have done your homework. This also allows the reader to verify the facts for themselves. The cross referenced facts to source confirms that the information in the report are based on something that is not made up.

• The reviewer must be critical in order to judge the report fairly. The mistakes must be pointed out so that the writer will be educated and correct faults in the future.

• The reviewer must ensure that the mandate has been satisfied and that the order has been done correct. The command must be done in accordance to what was expected of you.

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