Monday, October 25, 2010

Who will Commit Fraud, and Why?

Most people will not commit fraud, because in society we assume that people we first meet are always honest and that there are more honest than dishonest people. Fraud does not differentiate between the rich or poor in any society.

There are many factors that contribute to people wanting to commit fraud, such as:

• Low self-esteem.
• Personal background and experiences while growing up.
• Pier pressure on individual.
• Substance abusers.
• People living with financial pressure.

Five common reasons for employee crimes:

• The employee feel some frustration about some aspect of his/her job or
• Personal life that is not job related.
• The employee wants to get even with his employer because he/she feels abused in the work place.
• The organisation’s internal controls are so poor that employee’s is tempted to steel.
• Employees today are morally, ethically and spiritually bankrupt.

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