Sunday, March 11, 2012


In this article I shall attempt to explain the use and manufacture of a powerful blow -gun and making darts for the gun. The possession of the blow gun described in this article IS a felony. So be careful where you use it. I don't want to get you all busted.


1.Several strands of yarn (About 2 inches a-piece).
2.A regular pencil.
3.A 2 inch long needle (hopefully with a beaded head. If not obtainable, wrap tape around end of needle.
4.¬ foot pipe. (PVC or Aluminum) Half a inch in diameter.

Constructing the dart:

1.Carefully twist and pull the metal part (Along with eraser) of the pencil till it comes off.
2.Take Pin and start putting about 5-7 Strands of yarn on the pin. Then push them up to the top of the pin. But not over the head of the pin (or the tape).
3.Push pin through the hollow part of the head where the pencil was before.
4.That should for a nice looking dart. (see illustration)

Using the Darts:

1.Now take the finished dart and insert it in the tube (if it is too small put on more yarn.)
2.Aim the tube at a door, wall, sister, ect.
3.Blow on the end of the pipe.
4.Sometimes the end of the pipe may be sharp. When this happens I suggest you wrap it with some black electrician tape. It should feel a lot better.

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