Sunday, March 11, 2012


You need:

· A disk
· Scissors
· White or blue kitchen matches (they MUST be these colors!)
· Clear nail polish

1.Carefully open up the diskette (3«" disks are best for this!)
2.Remove the cotton covering from the inside.
3.Scrape a lot of match powder into a bowl (use a wooden scraper, metal might spark the matchpowder!)
4.After you have a lot, spread it evenly on the disk.
5.Using the nail polish, spread it over the match mixture
6.Let it dry
7.Carefully put the diskette back together and use the nail polish to seal it shut on the inside (where it came apart).

When that disk is in a drive, the drive head attempts to read the disk, which causes a small fire (ENOUGH HEAT TO MELT THE DISK DRIVE AND FUCK THE HEAD UP!!). Let the fuckhead try and fix THAT!!!

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