Sunday, March 11, 2012

ANARCHY COOKBOOK VERSION 2000: Ways to send a car to Hell

There are 1001 ways to destroy a car but I am going to cover only the ones that are the most fun (for you), the most destructive (for them), and the hardest to trace (for the cops).

· Place thermite on the hood, light it, and watch it burn all the way through the pavement!

· Tape a COý bomb to the hood, axle, gas tank, wheel, muffler, etc.

· Put a tampon, dirt, sugar (this one is good!), a ping pong ball, or just about anything that will dissolve in the gas tank.

· Put potatoes, rocks, bananas, or anything that will fit, into the tailpipe. Use a broom handle to stuff 'em up into the tailpipe.

· Put a long rag into the gas tank and light it...

· Steal a key, copy it, replace it, and then steal the stereo.

· Break into the car. Cut a thin metal ruler into a shape like this:

Slide it into the outside window and keep pulling it back up until you catch the lock cable which should unlock the door. This device is also called a SLIM JIM. Now get the stereo, equalizer, radar detector, etc. Now destroy the inside. (A sharp knife does wonders on the seats!)

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